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Anthony Edwards aiming to become All-Star starter, face of the NBA

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Two seasons after becoming the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft as an incredibly raw 19-year-old, Anthony Edwards has few questions remaining about his game. Now 21, Edwards has quickly become one of the top 50 players currently in the NBA.

Showing massive signs of growth at every step of the way in his pro career, the sky’s the limit for Ant’s potential. Benefiting under the guidance of head coach Chris Finch, Edwards has every intention of reaching his ceiling from him, as high as that may be.

But if there’s one person who can keep reaching new limits, it’s the incredible Ant-Man, whose combination of speed, strength, and pure skill has helped him become an extremely valuable asset for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now that the team has added even more complementary pieces to continue growing the pack, the initial goal is a deep postseason run for the Wolves, which Edwards believes is in sight this season.

Complex recently had a chance to interview Edwards, and in typical form, he provided plenty of worthy quotes.

“Me personally, I want to be an All-Star starter. I want my averages to go up. I want to win a lot of games and go deep into the playoffs.”

Anthony Edwards on his goals entering his third year

Had Edwards not been battling knee issues leading up to the midway break, it’s possible he could have made the All-Star team a season ago. If Edwards and his Wolves can get off to a hot start with the Stifle Towns combo, becoming a starter shouldn’t be out of the question.

A large part of the NBA fan voting is simply based on popularity. Though Edwards faces a steep hill to climb, being that he’s not in a market such as California or New York, Edwards is now a movie star, thanks to his excellent Kermit Wilts performance in ‘hustle‘. Maybe that additional exposure helps Edwards end up as a more beloved character around the world. If Ant stays healthy, and continues to improve, he’ll take the next step toward becoming a legit superstar, which should result in him being an All-Star starter.

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Anthony Edwards agrees with the consensus, Wolves had Grizzlies beat

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Memphis Grizzlies
Christine Tannous-USA TODAY Sports

In addition to adding actor to his resume, Edwards is also coming off his first playoff appearance, in which he was able to put his exciting talent on full display. There may not be another player who can dunk like Edwards, though he’s not interested in dunk contests. He prefers to wow the crowd during the game, instead of for specific events.

Instead, Edwards seems focused on wins and losses. Which brings us back to the playoff series against the Memphis Grizzlies, to set his T-Wolves lost 4-2 in a best-of-seven series.

But there were many points where the Wolves looked like they had full control of the game, only to inexplicably allow Memphis back in the game, and eventually eliminate Minnesota from the playoffs once again.

Edwards shared his insight into how he felt his first ever NBA playoff series went, and he’s still trying to figure out what transpired.

“Man, I feel like we handed it to them man. It was like taking candy from a baby and they took the candy. We had every game won man and I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what happened.”

Anthony Edwards on Wolves’ playoff series

As far as whether the Timberwolves can become that championship-caliber team, like his teammate Karl-Anthony Towns alluded to, Edwards agrees. He said “adding Rudy puts that pressure on us”. Even though Draymond Green may not agreelaughing at the Wolves, like usual, Ant called the four-time NBA champ “a fool” for his take.

Complex even asked Ant about how LeBron James and Kevin Durant’s careers are on the back nine, meaning the league will soon need a new face of the NBA. Can Edwards fill that role?

“Oh yeah, 100 percent. Sure. I mean it comes with time and it comes with work and dedication. I feel like I got all three of those things and I feel like it’s going to take me over the top,” said Edwards.

He went on to say he feels he needs another year to be considered among the best players in the NBA, but after the 2022-23 season, it’s on. That’s when he’ll be in the conversation to be one of the NBA’s best.

In the end, Edwards called the Gobert trade a “great move” and like every other basketball fan in the worldwide Wolves community, he can’t wait for the season to begin. You know how long it’s been since a Timberwolves team headed into a year expecting to make the playoffs? This is a special time.

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