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Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story

The following contains spoilers for Episode 12 of Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story, “Are Aoi and Eve okay together?,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In Episode 12 of Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story, “Are Aoi and Eve okay together?,” the newly formed pair get ready for the qualifying tournament for the All-Japan Girls High School Doubles Championship. Both Eve and Aoi manage to shock the competition from the moment they enter the vicinity. From Aoi’s cute persona to Eve’s foreign appearance, everyone is taken aback by this odd newbie paring.

However, Eve and Aoi’s looks aren’t the only factor that intimidates each of their competitors. Nearly every girl, no matter how capable, recalls in horror the pair’s impressive golfing talent, whether it’s Eve’s aggressive style or Aoi’s technical ability. While these two characters faced very few challenges in this episode, it appears that there will be everything to play for in the season finale when they take on Mizuho Himekawa, Nadaminami Girls’ unbeatable ace and Japan’s strongest high school golfer.

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The Qualifying Tournament

Aoi and Eve continue to exhibit their golfing prowess and face little difficulty with the competition. Instead, their real challenge is to face one another and outperform Mizuho Himekawa’s score. The unbeatable ace managed to go ten-under par – an impressive result that Coach Amuro uses to motivate his students from him. This and Eve’s burger side-bet with Aoi propel the duo to victory and a stellar score of eleven-under par each, crushing the other competitors and even Japan’s strongest high school golfer.

Ultimately, this sends a big message to the other players competing in the All-Japan Girls High School Doubles Championship; from Koran Highschool’s Kaoruko Iijima and Kuyo Iseshiba to Nadaminami’s golfing duo, many are stunned by the result. However, Eve and Aoi will need to work together as a team if they want to continue progressing in the competition. While their competitive nature has helped them to succeed and push each other further thus far, their constant bickering may be their downfall.

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More Than Just Friends?

This episode potentially reveals that there are a few relationships brewing between characters, which fans of the series have been speculating about for several months. Upon entering the school bus, Eve shocks her classmates by not wearing her official school uniform. While Amane Shinjo, Aoi’s caddy, argues that Eve is damaging the reputation of Raiou, Coach Amuro believes that her outfit will work to everyone’s advantage. Eve comments, “You get it. I don’t mind guys like that,” to which Club President Jinguuji responds, “You can’t have him” and grabs tightly onto Amuro’s shoulder.

In the previous episode, “No Matter How Tall a Weed Grows, It Will Never Reach the Sun,” viewers learned how hard Jinguuji trained in an effort to increase her golfing capabilities to impress Coach Amuro. While her comment on her in this scene may simply be tongue-in-cheek, the seriousness of her expression and overall sincerity on her hint that this might be more than just a professional relationship.

The romance between Eve and Aoi also seems to be growing. Although the show has alluded to these characters having deeper feelings for each other beyond friendship or rivalry, the preview for the upcoming episode looks to confirm this. Eve is shown planting a kiss on Aoi’s cheek of her, which – from Aoi’s facial expression of her – appears to have come out of the blue. While the context behind this scene is still unclear, it could mean that fans will finally see the pair become an official couple.

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Birdie Wing‘s upcoming finale looks like it will provide many of the payoffs that fans of the show have been waiting for. Hopefully, Mizuho Himekawa will offer the type of challenge that this pair of protagonists have been looking for and end the first series of the show with a bang. It’s currently unclear how the series will proceed or what direction it will take in future seasons.

Whether Birdie Wing will go back to its mafia-themed arcs or continue on the competitive golf trajectory remains uncertain. Regardless, the show continues to be a pleasant surprise for many anime watchers, who expected very little when it first began. Each of Birdie Wing‘s characters continue to grow, and surprises are still thrown up throughout many episodes.

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